What is this service?

1st of all this is for facebook marketing people, if you are not an advertiser, so .. please accept our apology, this place is not for you .. only thing you can do is to share it to your online advertiser friends. they'll sure get use of this service.

Facebook advertising system is using the search for location and locations in targeting.

and the problem is  in most countries facebook use a strange names in the cities , which means  you might not find the location you want to target.
or you might don't remember all locations in your region/governorate .. sure you wont remember 2000+ location like in some regions in countries !

i contacted facebook support to help me and send me all my region locations to ease the targeting to me, they didn't accept.
so i made this service which graps all cities, regions and countries from facebook database and publish them to all the world of advertisers to ease targeting.
we've over 1 milion places and locations which can be targetied listed here.

all these places and locations listed for free in the site.

if you need a file with a copy of places in a certan country .. you can download it's file with small one time fees, or buy the whole world database, or if you need a site like this for you .. contact us here info@facelocations.com .


Countries :    247 country
Regions : 2,871 regions
Cities : 1,247,321 city
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